Monday, December 16, 2019

Recent advances in medical technology Free Essays

The two articles What is telecasters? And ‘Do we know too much? Illustrate what the evolution of medical technology is and how it improves people’s life. Both articles provide medical studies to support the curative effects. Furthermore, although there are still some limitations or negative aspects toward the progressions, It Is believed that those will be solved with time. We will write a custom essay sample on Recent advances in medical technology or any similar topic only for you Order Now In the article What Is telecasters? ‘ the author elucidates how its operation differs from traditional surgery. It Is revealed that doctor an give a remote operation by using robotic arms connected to fiber-optic cables without distance and facilities restrictions. However, some people doubts If robots can be relied on; the author also states that It might not function well due to the network access and compatibility of computer. The second article alms to address the question of what happens If we can extract Information from our genes. By genetic tests, we can aware of the genetic disorder that we might suffer from and prevent contracting certain diseases. Currently, large range of disorders can be detected by complex genetic tests such as newborn screening, diagnostic, carrier and predictive testing. By the progression of medical technology, we are able to lead a longer and healthier life, furthermore, tests can be used to blood relationship testing and applied to crack down on crime. However, some people worry about that it might result In some negative impact toward their living. As the remarkable development on therapy introduced in the essays, human beings benefit greatly from telecasters and genetic tests; though they are still some limitations and difficulties need to be coped with. How to cite Recent advances in medical technology, Papers

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