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Conflicts The Unspoken And The Unseen - 1473 Words

Conflicts the Unspoken and the Unseen Conflicts in the workplace can lead to serious issues. Many times problems can be resolved with communication and openness of ones feelings about the disagreement at hand. The lack of communication leaves the door open triggering thoughts and feelings to escalate into a dangerous situation. Alexandra is a day shift nurse on a busy medical surgical unit and has a conflict with the night shift nurse Nancy. Alexandra’s feelings towards Nancy are she does not accomplish her nightly responsibilities and those tasks are left for her to complete when she starts her shift. Nancy feels overwhelmed with all her nightly duties and struggles with completing her tasks; her reasoning’s are lack of ancillary staff, and an overwhelming amount of work to accomplish before the day shift arrives to take over. Neither of the two nurses has communicated their feelings and the issue at hand has started to heighten into a lack of respect for each other. N ancy feels that nothing she does is good enough for Alexandra and Alexandra feel that Nancy is not competent in her time management skills. The night shift nurses do not have nursing assistants to help with duties and are assigned extra tasks like stocking and quality checks on batteries. The day shift nurses have ancillary staff and are not assigned tasks similar to the night shift, but are frequently dealing with management and administration. Different conflicts may need different solutions although mostShow MoreRelatedCharles Baxter s The Art Of Subtext848 Words   |  4 Pages the reader is to read between the lines. The key to this is using a lot of detail which is crucial to providing the information. This is something important that I need to incorporate in my own writing. More detail in my writing concerning the unspoken things will allow the reader to see the evolution of the narrator’s state of mind. A twitch of an eye or how close my antagonist stands to his or her potential victims may give more insight to the sense of mental decay that I aim for in my mostRead MoreWhat Is A State Of Being : Independently Tied To A Collective1588 Words   |  7 PagesA State of Being: Independently Tied to a Collective Within the convolutedly systematic confines of society, it is often difficult to precisely define the place of an individual. The oft unspoken relationship between a community and its individual members is complicated, to say the least. Disregarding the nuances between each individual’s experiences, all members of society is constantly participating in a cycle of give and gain, where their input draws from the community some sort of reward, intangibleRead MoreMovie Analysis : Fun Home And The Short Film Pariah1348 Words   |  6 Pagesa perfectly respectable familial faà §ade to the external world even as the complications of Bruce Bechdel’s sexual appetites and inclinations threaten to tear the family apart internally. Likewise, Alike’s gender identity and sexuality creates a conflict in her family as they try to uphold middle-class respectability. In both contexts, respectability intersects with normativity and performance of normativity, however, both tex ts also challenge assumptions about the ways in which respectability politicsRead MoreMoby Dick, By Edgar Melville1981 Words   |  8 Pagesinfuriating dilemmas is the fact that the whale will not face him. He has sailed out into the abyss armed for a war, only to be met with a maddening game of hide-and-seek. After taking a vow with his crew to hunt Moby Dick to his death, he raves to the unseen whale, I will not say as schoolboys do to bullies, –Take some one of your own size; don t pommel me! No, ye ve knocked me down, and I am up again; but ye have run and hidden (Melville 143). Melville had the same complaint against God. TheRead MoreAnalysis Of Maus By Art Speigelman And Film The Best Years Of Our Life 2015 Words   |  9 Pagesbut can also be defined as a battle against an opponent. War impacts people differently based on the events taking place. Traumas from being a victim or perpetuator can affect those individuals’ emotionally, mentally and physically. Hence, the conflicts can alter life drastically; when we look at the battle, we tend to disregard the effect of the perpetrator also known as the soldier who fought in the war and the victims who experienced the tragedy as bystanders, instead the focus is more on theRead MoreE.E. Cummings and his Life as a Poet Essay1967 Words   |  8 Pagesfourteen stanzas, recurs: it offers visual perspective, the graphic layout. Shortly after a courtly start – the â€Å"green,† â€Å"gold,† and â€Å"sliver† of expanded line one might fancifully suggest medieval illumination – the poem becomes ominous with suggestive conflict (Lane pg.29). We know from the last couplet that something falls â€Å"dead† at the end, but the pun on heart/hart (another word for a male red deer) leaves ambiguous whether the victim is a deer, the hunter, the narrator’s affection, or some combinationRead More Marxist Cultural Theory Essay2925 Words   |  12 Pagesand Horkheimer is to educate and inspire the public to live a life more worthy of living. (Adorno, 2006, p. 39) This chapter argues that cultural practitioners have a responsibility to encourage the public to confront their social and political conflicts. Two methods of assuming this responsibility are discussed. First is the claim that a political message in an artwork is to be communicated without attempting to create an emotional anchor for the public to identify with. This method, primarilyRead MoreKey Success Factors - Organizational Culture3384 Words   |  14 Pagesto know in order to develop and use change strategies of the culture. Otts definition of the organizational cultureOn the other hand Ott (1989), in The Organizational Culture Perspective describe organizational culture as a social constructed, unseen, and unobservable force behind organizational activities. Organizational culture is a social energy that moves organizational members to act and unifying theme that provides meaning and direction to and mobilizes the members. It functions as an organizationalRead MoreOrganizational Culture Research7417 Words   |  30 Pagesevangelical belief in the organization’s values, or also in groups where a friendly climate is at the base of their identity (avoidance of conflict). In fact group think is very common, it happens all the time, in almost every group. Members that are defiant are often turned down or seen as a negative influence by the rest of the group, because they bring conflict. Innovative organizations need individuals who are prepared to challenge the status quo—be it group-think or bureaucracy, and also needRead MoreEffects of the Social Media on Relationship Trends of University Students9686 Words   |  39 Pages   Frenemy: a portmanteau of friend and enemy which can refer to either an enemy disguised as a friend or to a partner who is simultaneously a competitor and rival. Gossip Girl:   is an American teen drama series narrated by the omniscient yet unseen  blogger  Gossip Girl. The series revolves around the lives of privileged young adults on  Manhattans Upper East Side  in NewYork City. â€Å"Like†: The  Facebook  Like button is a feature that allows users to show their support for specific comments,

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