Monday, February 3, 2020

Integrating modern Security mangers into a corporate organisation Dissertation

Integrating modern Security mangers into a corporate organisation - Dissertation Example Historically, the concept of security was there as it has a direct link with one of the emotions-fear. Fear creates insecurity and lack of safety. This sense of insecurity is so much powerful in its realization that a fearful person would not be able to carry out its routine business and personal activities. More importantly, the impact of fear is so much influential that the fearful person would be totally crippled mentally and socially as well. It would not be wrong to say that the entire circle of that fearful person come standstill until the fearful person find some stronger reasons to believe the presence of security and a considerable reduction of insecurity. Without any doubt, the impact of fear is predominately huge and intolerable in many situations and it would become more difficult if it remains for a considerable period of time. Historically, humans have been taking consciously or unconsciously some steps to reduce the fear factor which is caused by the sense of insecurit y and by reducing the sense of insecurity; they upgrade the level of security. While living in caves, humans were fearful and had a strong sense of possible attacks from animals or any other hostile entity. And, in order to reduce the sense of fear and insecurity, they put dogs at the entrance of caves so that they would be ready to face any hostile attack from anyone with the help of dogs. With the passage of time, humans started to living in social communities with other humans. However, the sense of fear and insecurity is an inherent part of human nature. It remains within human psychology and at the same time, humans started doing businesses in organisations, where people belonging to different races, castes, colours, and from different socio-economic backgrounds. As a result, like humans, organisations were facing the threats of insecurity. As a result, the organisations started focusing on the issues of insecurity and threats. Fundamentally, the word security stems from a Lati n word â€Å"se-curus†, Which has aggregate meaning of to care something. Borodzicz, (2006) describes that security can be understood within two contexts-Freedom from fear or show of strength. The concept freedom from fear works to ensure the presence of sense of security and at the same time, it works against the sense of insecurity. Basically, the fundamental aim of promoting freedom from fear concept is to diminish the sense of fear factor that provides huge challenges to a person or to an organisation facing the problems of insecurity. And, in order to provide and strengthen the concept show of force facilitates attaining the level of security. And this show of strength is mostly provided by trained security personnel whose basic aim is to provide their security services where they are required to do so. Within an aim of promoting security and to provide security services, American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) came into existence in 1955 (, web). A s the security was a growing issue soon after the end of World War II, the industrial society members agreed over the institutilisation of security. Not only this, but also they agree to launch a full scale educational programs with an aim to industrialise security. As a result, till this point of time, they had been serving the security industry. However, before the event of 9/11, in many organisations, the concept of security was

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