Tuesday, November 19, 2019

E-business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 2

E-business - Essay Example For purchasing groceries in an online mode, one of the most crucial aspects are that the buyers of groceries should be computer savvy. According to a research conducted by Chu et. al. (2010), the shopping behaviour of the households, especially those purchasing groceries side by side from online and offline sources is dependent upon their brand loyalty, price sensitivity and size loyalty. These offline-online differences are more prominent in the purchase behaviours towards food products which include the grocery category. According to the research, there is more brand loyalty, size loyalty but less price sensitivity in online shopping behaviour of consumers than in the offline shopping behaviour. The online environment for grocery shopping mostly consists of elements like purchasing carts, grocery categories mentioned with prices, the online navigation facilities to know the products’ features, online communication with the seller on specifications of the grocery. The product details and the prices of the product are the main information that is reviewed by the customer. The categories of groceries are present which could be viewed and grocery from these categories could be added to the purchase cart and ordered online after online payment. The online shopping environment also includes in-store displays which mainly attract the customers to buy the particular groceries. Also online displays help the customers search for grocery they need to buy easily. The search option present on the website is a convenient option that allows users to review their preferred products just with one or two clicks. According to a research conducted by Breugelmans and Campo (2010), online in-store displays (ISD) help increase brand sales and make grocery shopping easier and ISD that anticipates competition through first-order or isolated position outperforms the ISD that aims to make the items stand out in the online

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